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From NGV Forum – CLNE & GE announcement on 2 LNG plants

Posted by gasandoilinv on November - 21 - 2012  

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This week, Clean Energy announced the purchase of two Micro-LNG plants from GE Oil & Gas for $200 million. Clean Energy will use the LNG plants to supply fuel to pumps at Flying Pilot J stations as part of its “America’s Natural Gas Highway” program. Each Micro-LNG plant has the capacity to produce 250,000 gallons of LNG per day, and can be scaled up to produce 1 million gallons per day. They are expected to become operational in 2015, but the location of the systems has not yet been announced. The plants will be used to support stations located within a 250 mile radius. As part of GE’s commitment to advancing natural gas as a transportation fuel, GE Energy Financial Services will provide financing for up to the full $200 million purchase price.

GE’s Micro-LNG plants are modular systems with a small physical footprint that can be installed along any natural gas line. The plants use a process that starts with filtering the natural gas to remove any carbon dioxide or water saturation that might be present. The refrigeration system employs an efficient and cost-effective design that uses a machine called a compander. The compander is a combination expander impeller and a set of compressor wheels mounted on a common bull gear. The gas is liquefied by lamination through a Joul Thomas valve at a temperature between -256 °F (-160 °C) and -220 °F (-140 °C), depending on the storage tank layouts and pressure ratings.

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